Ideas for using Easy Letter Sender

Easy Letter Sender is an easy way to dash off a quick letter or card to a friend AND a simple way to produce professional-quality correspondence.

More than ever, sending a mailpiece says something good about you and your organization. That you're willing to take a few extra moments to make a meaningful connection. Email may be easy, but there's simply no substitute for holding a piece of paper in your hand.

Plus, there's ample space on letters and postcards for featuring images that make your message even more compelling.

Reaching out to friends and family

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a real letter or card from someone they care about? Personal correspondence not only brings joy to the receiver, it often becomes a keepsake and reminder, sometimes even a piece of personal history. Easy Letter Sender makes it possible to sends letters and postcards to as many friends and family as you like, whenever you like, from anywhere on the planet--all you need is an Internet connection, a Web browser, and (if you like) a photo or image to upload.

Mail is smart marketing

Whether your message is implicit (Thank you for taking my call...) or explicit (BUY NOW!), a compelling letter sent to the right recipient forms a personal connection, provides a means for actionable follow-up, and prompts people to take action. Letters are not only one of the most personal, affordable, and flexible of marketing media, the results are measurable as well. And, as you track responses, you begin to uncover the key messages, offers, and approaches that work with your specific audience. The more you learn, the greater your ROI.

Brainstorm your goal

1. To communicate personal messages
2. To sell a product, service, or idea
3. To communicate official and legal messages
4. To test different marketing approaches
5. To test a new product or concepts
6. To remind people of appointments and commitments
7. To say thank you
8. To follow-up
9. To raise funds for a non-profit
10. To communicate news
11. To question, survey, and research
12. To announce events, transitions, and improvements
13. To introduce new items

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